Douglas Tires

Everything You Need to Know About Douglas Tires

Douglas Tires

Douglas Tires is a company that offers vehicle tires of all types in the United States. It is actually a subsidiary of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Goodyear has been in business since its founding in 1898. The company, which is based out of Akron, OH, offers tires for passenger autos, commercial vehicles, SUVs and more, including airplanes, racing cars, and more. Goodyear has become a well-known tire and rubber company, essentially because of the world renowned Goodyear Blimp, which has been seen floating over numerous sporting events.

Additionally, Goodyear is the sponsor for the NASCAR racing competitions.

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Details on the Douglas Tires Brand

Douglas Tires, as a subsidiary of the Goodyear brand, are sold exclusively in certain stores, like Walmart as a passenger vehicle option. These tires are manufactured solely in the Kelly Springfield plant, which is owned by Goodyear. While the Goodyear and Douglas Tires relationship is not exactly well-known, the trademark for Douglas Tires was registered by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Douglas Tires began operations in 1992 and has been providing passenger tires since then. Additionally, the company offers utility tires, racing models, and those made for all-terrain vehicles.


Popular Options for the Douglas Tire


The Douglas Tires Moapa is a utility tire that is made for rough terrain. The tire includes deep treads that are called aggressive. Not only will they hold to the ground, but they will give better traction even on uneven surfaces without sacrificing speed and power. The tires include wrapped treads, bias ply, and 6 ply construction.


The Douglas XC ATV Tire is designed to provide better traction in off-road situations. This tire is designed specifically for ATV vehicles and it includes the 6 ply design that Douglas has been known for. The Carcass Technology owned by Douglas ensures that the tire will offer better traction without sacrificing power.


The Douglas Performance GT-H Performance Radial tire is a tire that is available in a variety of sizes in order to fit most passenger vehicles. These tires are considered to be quality in performance in any weather, including rain and snow.


The Douglas Xtrac II Tire is made to be a value friendly tire for passenger vehicles. It includes two separate steel belts built into the treads so that it can grip the road even in snow or rain. The tires are made to be all-season, meaning they can be used on passenger vehicles during the summer as well as the winter. The tires include a deep pattern for gripping in many different weather conditions for the safety of your vehicle and family.